Who I AM

BI - Popular Investor
I.T Graduated, Solution Architect B.I by profession, I fell into the world of FinTech by the concept of copy-trading proposed by eToro. Since 2018, I training myself in order to be able to trade in my turn. Being able to share your performances is truly exciting. In 2020, I joined eToro’s Popular Investor program and since I have given myself no more limits !

Professional activities are stressful, so the practice of basketball counterbalances this. It is important to feel calm and confident when taking crucial decisions.

Sport is one of my many passions, which keeps me on track. Family, Social Activity, Science are also important to me.

Julien P.

Ju Cb - Popular Investor


DM - Popular Investor

Digital Marketing

Having a plan is good, sharing it is wonderful.


Sharing performance and being public is a guarantee of trust.

DS - Popular Investor

Digital Services

Using my skill for others make me enthusiastic.