Advice of the month (June)


Hi Everyone !

This month all main market go down again  . With an other big crypto crash, Trump trade’s war impacting Wall street and currencies, all etoro top trader take more floating lost waiting for the bounce .

This situation make the moment to be the Best since a while to start a copy-trading!

Let’s check 3 best choice to start copy this month

3 Choises

3 popular investor get my attention this month :


golddigerjay top trader

Why them

howtogetref is still on the top this month, his situation doesn’t really change . He is on a long term vision, he still have good ratio on close trades (>90%) but he has now a big floating lost (hold on trade in red ), around 25%. He also have a lot of positions open on crypto during the fall , most of them are good entries.

The second one is Goldigger15, with the same situation as May. he trades only currencies and crypto , and guess what both have been on a downtrend these two last month. He is very patient when the job need it, never close in red and do not hesitate to hold for long time. He have a big floating lost at the moment.

The last one is a new one, but not the less famous … Jaynemesis ! Well this top trader is accumulating a lot of floating lost with 5 month in red on 6. But don’t worry he is still one of the best top trader on etoro platform.

How to divid

I DO NOT recommend to copy them with less than 500$. You will not be fully synchronize and the copy will not be very efficient. But for example if you have 1500$ to invest, you can put 500 on each one of them .


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All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance is not an indication of future results. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.


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