Monthly Review : April-2020, Best Month Ever !

Monthly review

Monthly Review, find out all informations about my Trading activity during April-2020

***** Apr 2020
Trades closed in Profit : —> 47 ✔️
Trades closed with lost : —> 7 ✔️
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***** This Year
YTD-R (Realized) : —> 24.95% ✔️
YTD (Realized + Unrelized equity) : —> +27.75% ✔️

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This Month of April-2020 was very determinent for the rest of the year. It comes after a March very complicated , link to the COVID-19 Krack on all the markets. (Stock, Crypto, Forex, Oil etc). We accumulated lot of floating during March , it was like investement for futur, and guss what it start to pay during April.

Oil to 0 !

The luck we had, is that we were in the good way when WTI oil crash under 0 ! On eToro the spot market Oil have been impacted too. And linked to hudge refund for holding Short it was the best opportunity to trade Oil.

This have result in a different way to trade during april to snip a maximum on Oil during this crash and the bounce after that. Good results are here, but it is important now no to become emotional ! With this volatil asset all benefits can go away in a minut with a bad trade.

What’s next ?

A kind of euphoria is starting to grow on Stock Market. With Amazon higter than ever, with a S&P that have already bounce back about 35%, with Mass Media talking about this … In this time we have to be carful, maybe the worst is yet to come !

One interesting indicator could be the VIX. More this one come closer to 21, more we have to be carfeful. But don’t worry a new wave means new opportunities to invest at a good price !

May 2020 : Halving BitCoin !!!

Well Everything is in this picture. Will the scenario reproduce again ? in the midtime crypto start to go up during the end of April but they still are very far from the begining of 2020 . every move up will be profit for us !

That’s all for this monthly review. Next will be a Weekly one.
Do not hesitate to Contact me for questions about my stratégy and Mid/Long term vision , you can check my eToro profile here : Julien’s profile

Have a nice Week

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