Monthly Review : Feb 2020 – Finally red !

Monthly review

Monthly Review, find out all informations about my Trading activity during February 2020

***** Feb 2020
Trades closed in Profit : —> 62 ✔️
Trades closed with lost : —> 1 ✔️

***** This Year
YTD-R (Realized) : —> 7.75% ✔️
YTD (Realized + Unrelized equity) : —> +12.37% ✔️

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Well Feb-2020 , was a very specific month ! With the first part of the month looking like january . both Crypto and Stocks going up to the moon ! During this period portofolio was up about 10% . It is during this period we closed maximum of profitable trades.

And then come the Covid-19

And then come the Virus ! Giving to the market the perfect opportunity for a major correction . The last week of the month, with only 3 trades closed on 62, the second worst week for SP500 & Nasdaq (arround -16%). We have to go back to the major WorlWide crisis of 2008 to see worst week !

Stock fall was not enough, Crypto bounce back too in the same time. BTC for exemple lost about 15%.

How to manage it

During this week, we don’t close any trade with lost . We accumulated some Floating lost , try to take news positions on both Stock and Crypto. The main think is not to panic and sell we lost ! … Waiting the storm is over and looking for best opportunities is the way.

Accumalting temporarly floating lost is part of my strategie. That is why it is important , when you start a copy-trading on eToro to set correctly the CopyStopLost .

The month ends on a small red score -3.53% , but we are still on track for the anual result (YTD 12.37%) . With this augmentation of the floating lost, it’s a good moment to start a copy, but keep in mind that the Covid-19’s crisis may not be finish.

What’s Next

Well even if The US stock bounce during after hours on Friday, we have to be patient. On more bad news come this week-end , with the first death in Washington link to the virus. Maybe The price reflect already the crisis … maybe not ; next week we will be fixed about that point.
In the midtime the best will be a MOON move from cryptos , and so we can take some profit et rotate into Stocks 😉 … finger crossed !

That’s all for this monthly review. Next will be a Weekly one.
Do not hesitate to Contact me for questions about my stratégy and Mid/Long term vision , you can check my eToro profile here : Julien’s profile

Have a nice Week

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