Weekly Review W11 : Is the Storm over ?


Weekly Review, find out all informations about my Trading activity

***** Week 10&11
Trades closed in Profit : —> 14 ✔️
Trades closed with lost : —> 0 ✔️
Realized equity up : —> -3.29% (not due to Manual Trade).

***** This Year
TD-R (Realized) : —> +3.84% ✔️
YTD (Realized + Unrelized equity) : —> -19.77% (Lot of Floating accumulated)

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Is the Storm over ? The portofolio take an hard hit these last 2 weeks, making us accumulating tons of Floting Lost. BUT none of my positions have been liquidated, and we continue to take, trade by trade, some profits. I also decided to cut of an old slow & desync copy I had (started before I become a pop investor); to get more funds available for day trading.

Here we go for the recap of the closed trades



I try to take some waves on FR stocks without lot of success. I was more lucky whit « shit »Stocks Like OSTK and ACB . both are far from their respective ATH and always volatile.

OSTK +6.43% – RNO +4.16% – ACB 7.14%



With the volatility augmatention, I start to interrest myself to VIX and TVIX. I was not very avare of this 2 ETF available on eToro. For sure these 2 will be part of my strategie for the next decade. They have big moove during crash and I can trade them with *1 leverage so without Fees . They are often moving in the opposit from Stocks and give us the capacity to make some king of « Hedge »

TVIX 3.83%

Storm over ?

Regarding the situation in Eu countries, each day one more is closing his borders or is puting his entire population in quarantaine (Spain, Belgium, Italie, France … who’s next?), I am quite sure that we do not have found the bottom.
It looks like the USA also is starting to take some decisions about COVID-19 and Us Stocks seems to appréciate it (regarding the nice close of Friday). And In Asia situation is now better every day.

The 2 next week will be very important :
– not to fall in a king of bull trap
– not to miss the bull market for the next decade 🙂

So what do you think ? Is the Storm over ? let your opinion in the comment section

That’s all for this weekly review. See you next week
Do not hesitate to Contact me for questions about my stratégy and Mid/Long term vision

Have a nice Week

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