Weekly Review W13 : Bull Trap ?


Weekly Review, find out all informations about my Trading activity

***** Week 12&13
Trades closed in Profit : —> 9 ✔️
Trades closed with lost : —> 0 ✔️
Realized equity up : —> +1,7% ✔️

***** This Year
YTD-R (Realized) : —> +5,07% ✔️
YTD (Realized + Unrelized equity) : —> -9.92% ❌ (Still lot of Floating)

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Is this recovery a Bull Trap , This is the question of this end of month. The portofolio take an hit during March but these last 2 weeks, I start to recover quickly. I continue to close some profit and manage to reduce Floating Lost.

After the failed on Us Stock Market during the last minuts of Friday, the next 2 days will be very important to determine the situation. Closing the Monthly candle above the trend from 2008 (US Stock Indices) will be great . Anyway, It may be not enought,

Here we go for the list of Trades closed during these 2 last week.



On french Stocks, due to the crisis, FDJ do the classical circle for an IPO – I mean a big move up after lunching, then retrace under IPO price before running again – very fast ! I will try to take some long term position on it.
We are also lucky, the major companies not move enought but Medicals one like TLRY and ACB were on fire and I take lot of profit on them . The show must go on !

FDJ +6.54% – GOO+1.16% – OSTK +8.53% – TLRY +15.30% – ACA PA +1.70%



USO +2.94%

Bull Trap ?

So are we are we on a V or , at least, W schema and going fast for recovery. Let’s wait for the end of the month before beting on .. In this hard, in fact we dont care the direction the market will take, ANTICIPATION = LOOSE. Adapting every-day, taking, without emotions, each market evolution in concideration is the only way to makemoney on long term.

We have to kkep in mind that the VIX (volatility is always very high. Making all predection true only for a short time.

So what do you think ? is this a Bull Trap ? let your opinion in the comment section.

That’s all for this weekly review. See you next week
Do not hesitate to Contact me for questions about my stratégy and Mid/Long term vision .

Have a nice Week .

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