Weekly Review W21 : Medicinal Marijuana will save us !


Weekly Review, find out all informations about my Trading activity

***** Week 20&21
Trades closed in Profit : —> 24 ✔️✔️
Trades closed with lost : —> 2
Realized equity up : —> +4.2% ✔️✔️

***** This Year
YTD-R (Realized) : —> +32.17% ✔️✔️
YTD (Realized + Unrelized equity) : —> 27.96% ✔️✔️

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Medicinal Marijuana may hill covid

This week somes new about a potential discovery about benefits from Medicinal Marijuana againt COVID-19 give a big Boost to all the company from this sector. TLRS – ACb – ZYNE – CRON etc givng us a great opportunities to close lot of profits

About 25% closed ont ACB this last week ; 4 % on ZYNE, 5% on CRON and 5.5% on TLRY !

Article : Medicinal Marijuana

That’s all for this weekly review. See you next week
Do not hesitate to Contact me for questions about my stratégy and Mid/Long term vision

Have a nice Week

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